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Residential Pest Control

Domestic and Residential Pest Management and Control is imperative for the health of your family and your home, and to protect your investment.

We provide effective solutions for both the control and the prevention of annoying and harmful insects, bugs, rodents and other pests in homes, apartments and common areas of apartment buildings.

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Commercial Pest Control

We specialise in Commercial Pest Control throughout Sydney for Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Hotels, Real Estate and Strata.

Our commercial expertise includes control of cockroaches, ants, rats, termites and most other general pests. We are sensitive to your commercial realities and ensure minimal disruption to you or your customers.

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A little bit about us

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the safest solution to their pest problems. With over 30 years of experience we have seen the pest industry evolve and have made sure that we have stayed at the cutting edge of both technology and safety. As we are a family owned and operated business, our running costs are low which is reflected in our prices.

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Cockroaches feed on anything from garbage to sewerage, even dead skin cell debris. They spread their germs through droppings and regurgitation (vomiting on food) and by crawling over everything in sight.

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The best way to prevent the spread of ants is to find and destroy their nest. Ants can introduce micro-organisms from traveling over faeces or garbage and then crawling over food, causing diarrhea, salmonella, and staphylococcus.

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Rats & Mice

Rodents not only spoil food and chew through many materials, including electrical wires,  but they are also known to spread a large number of human diseases, from mild, short lived diseases to severe diseases that can cause death. 

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The guys at RDPC did a fantastic job on our apartment. They were on time, affordable, and most importantly we haven’t seen a cockroach since they came!
— Daniel, Vaucluse