Several species of ants contaminate food, damage structures, bite or sting. 

They usually nest outside but can nest in wall cavities, under houses and also in roofs.

The best way to prevent the spread of ants is to find and destroy their nest.
Ants can introduce micro-organisms from traveling over faeces or garbage and then crawling over food, causing diarrhea, salmonella, and staphylococcus.

What you can do

  • Clean eating utensils and dishes immediately you finish using them.

  • Always store food in sealed containers, and never have an open sugar bowl.

  • Seal garbage bins.

  • Check under plants and wood piles to ensure they are not nesting.

What we can do

Ensure that insecticide is ultimately taken back to the nest where eradication of the entire ant colony is achieved. External treatment around facilities and access areas where ants may enter the buildings includes localised or barrier band insecticide application. Placement of bait gels and granules to areas of ant activity is also an effective methods of control.