Fleas are parasites, which feed on the blood of humans and pets.

If you have a rodent problem you may also get a flea infestation, but they mostly occur in houses with dogs and cats. They deposit their eggs in pet bedding, on floors and furniture and other accessible places. In a few days the eggs hatch and feed on the body waste of the adult flea and all kinds of dirt and debris and the larvae change to pupae in about 12 days then to adults, who then go looking for a feed on animals or humans.

Fleas can transmit the dog tapeworm parasite, which can affect small children. The fleas found on Rats etc can transmit the Bubonic plague and typhus to humans.

What you can do

  • Control fleas by vacuuming carpets twice, then every two days. Ensuring you get under and behind beds and furniture.

  • Wash pet bedding and treat pets with flea washes and flea powders recommended by your Vet.

  • Dispose of the vacuum bag in an airtight plastic bag as soon as the house has been cleaned, to get rid of the larvae and pupae.

What we can do

We can ensure the safety of your family and pets from the menace of fleas with our flea control program.