Not all spiders are poisonous or dangerous to handle as most are too small and inoffensive, or lacking in venom capacity, to cause serious harm to us.

They will usually not bite unless provoked, but use gloves when gardening or working in sheds etc as if disturbed they may become aggressive.

The two spiders in Australia capable of serious injury to humans are the Funnel Web and the Red Back spiders, these are venomous and dangerous especially for babies, children and the elderly

The White tailed spider is not a deadly biter but it can cause discoloration and itchiness of the skin where bite has occurred.

Black house spider and garden Wolf spider can give a painful bite but not regarded as dangerous.

What you can do

  • Cleaning regularly is the best method. Removing all webs and spiders from inside and around the house so they do not multiply.

  • Have tightly fitting doors and window screens so they can not enter.

  • Air Vents, plumbing and other utilities coming into the building should also be sealed.

  • Shake books, shoes, clothing and even bedding before use.

  • Teach children not to poke around under rocks or under the house.

What we can do

The prime objective of any spider control treatment is to locate and directly treat spider harbourage and breeding sites; i.e. all spiders currently residing in a building or structure.  We will treat cracks and crevices, under seating, around down pipes, lighting, doorways, windows and anywhere where webbing may harbor spiders.