There are many types of termites in this country but most have little impact on humans

Dampwood termites are one of the major termites found in Australia, they attack wood that is fairly moist, likely to be wood near your foundations, in your basement, or areas equipped with running water, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Their nests are usually found in ground away from your house where there is plenty of moisture available, they approach the building through tunnels or shelter tubes, staying out of sight.

Drywood termites on the other hand are extremely destructive and can live entirely in the timber they are devouring. This makes them harder to detect since they seldom venture outside their galleries, but they are easier to manage when found, since the whole nest is concentrated in an accessible place.

What you can do

Termites are a specialist insect and there is little the home owner can do himself, it is the one insect that needs a professional to advise.

What we can do

Australian standards require termite treatment and other pest control services in Australia.  Richard Davies Pest Control can administer high quality treatments for these insects, fully documented in compliance with AS3660.2

We have up to date equipment to assist in detecting and eradicating termites before they destroy your home or workplace.